Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bakerella and The Sweet Tooth Therapist

So I met her - the queen of pop. Okay, the queen of cake pop. I like to call her the next Martha Stewart. There we were, in a sea of what had to be a thousand (well, 200) women, me and my mini-me, and her buddy Curious George. We waited in line for what seemed like 2 and a half hours... actually it WAS 2 and a half hours, to have our Cake Pop book signed by Angie Dudley, Bakerella herself. Now I don't usually get hyped up about people, just food. But someone who can do such creative things with food, that kind of person always peaks my interest. Can I just be the black Bakerella? Pleeeze? A book deal??? For cake??? OMG, this woman is living my dream.

Everybody was so happy that day. And why? Because we were a group of like-minded cake-loving, craft-doing women getting answers to our questions about cake pops, blogging, and have-you-quit-your-day-job (to which she surprisingly answered "no"). I remember looking piercingly into Angie's eyes as she answered my questions. The plan was for her to recall my brown face and curly 'fro when someone within her publishing company asks "can you make some soulful southern treats for your next book? We'd like to appeal to the African American consumer." And then she would reply "no, but I know someone who can." We'd collaborate and call the book "Bakerella and the Sweet Tooth Therapist" and I would live happily ever after.

After awakening from my daydream, I left Williams Sonoma fully inspired and ready to make cake pops. I immediately purchased all the supplies needed as well as a second copy of her book - the signed copy goes into the closet along with the unopened limited edition Barbie collection (my other love).

Angie is the first person to inspire me to actually show up for a book signing and stand in line, and I'm glad she did. It was a pleasure to meet her and learn from her. I'd like to think that aside from making a nice chunk of change from the book deal, Angie is experiencing the joy that comes from knowing you've inspired and impacted others in a positive way. That kind of joy is priceless. That kind of joy is what sweet tooth therapy is all about.

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