Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Living the Sweet Life

Wow, I've come a long way - from absolutely hating to make cupcakes to making it my daily passion. That just goes to show what maturity can do for you. A year ago when my business mentor said "you should do cupcakes - they're all the rage now" all I said was NO. Layer cakes and I had such a history, such a love affair. I thought cupcakes were just too messy, too much trouble (translation - didn't want to learn a new skill, and certainly didn't want those pastry bags to clean up). But then it hit me - 6 pounds, that is. Six pounds of chocolate layer cake weight gain. I mean what else are you supposed to do when somebody gives you a whole cake (and then you practice and practice duplicating it)? After that, I wouldn't bake a cake for months for fear of turning on my voracious sweet tooth.

When I finally recovered from my fear-of-weight-gain-from-cake-aholicism, my baking passion was revived by the cupcake. There really is something magical about those little cakes. They're cute, satisfying, and somehow I can eat just 3... well it's better than a whole 8 inch 3 layer cake.

After months of agonizing over a name, the business is called, of course, Sweet Tooth Therapy - and the website is coming soon, like in a few days soon. The focus has changed from southern cakes and cupcakes to a focus on the fact that sweets really are therapeutic. Yes I am still a dietitian, but one who has chosen to embrace her deepest passions - baking and eating. :) Life really is sweet.

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