Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baked Sunday Mornings: Carrot Coconut Scones

I recently joined a baking blog, Baked Sunday Mornings , in an effort to challenge myself. I've owned the cookbook Baked Explorations for some time now, and have never done more than flipped through and drooled over the pictures. Baked Sunday Mornings puts me on a schedule to finally start baking my way through this book. So this morning, or shortly thereafter, I baked the carrot coconut scones with a citrus glaze, and am I glad I did. I'm actually surprised at how much I love these scones. I didn't get good photos of the whole batch, as they disappeared pretty quickly. The recipe can be found at the Baked Sunday Mornings blog, and the cookbook can be purchased at the Baked website. Yes, I do recommend the recipe AND the book.