Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Hunnyboo!

My most adorable little God baby turned one this past week and I was delighted to provide the sweet treats for the event.  I was told the theme was Minnie Mouse and asked to provide cupcakes for the kiddies, and a layer cake for the adults.  Okay, so I'll keep the cake simple so as not to become overwhelmed, I told myself.  Simple?  Yeah right.  Do I even know what that word means?

Well, after hours of searching for black candy melts, thinking I would use them for mouse ears on the cupcakes, I finally decided to use Oreo cookies, since I saw that a few others had done it successfully.  I mean since I'm keeping it simple, I don't dare take the time to make a dozen mouse ears.  Nooo, I take the time to make a dozen bows instead, (which, btw, is much more time consuming than mouse ears).

Then I make the red velvet cake, and instead of "simply" frosting it, I break out the black fondant.  Who knew it would take forever to roll it out?  And forever for those huge mouse ears to dry so they could stand upright?  I mean, who would attempt such a feat for the first time on the day of the event??? Me... the one who claims she likes to keep it simple.

I must say it all turned out pretty nice for my first time even using fondant.  I worked with modeling chocolate once, and made a cake with it that same day (an overwhelming and exhausting story for another day).  But fondant, never have touched the stuff.  But I'm glad I took the time to challenge myself.  Of course nothing is too much for my Hunnyboo.